A Few Brave People, powerfully chronicles the extraordinary struggle of the local people of the Black Sea region to protect their rivers and their livelihood from a government that is keen to sell them to private corporations.

The people of Çağlayan, İkizdere and Senoz -3 valleys in the Black Sea region- are at a loss about what to do with the government’s plans to build dozens of hydroelectric plants in their valleys. They cannot make sense of the fact that their rivers -a lifeline, teacher and inspiration- are to be rented out to private companies to exploit for the next 49 years. The authorities tell them that this is a must, necessary for Turkey’s development and energy independence. Then, they sign the rivers off, and immediately begin construction in Şenöz. Trees are cut off, massive water pipes are laid, and as the river goes quiet, it is as if the locals in Şenöz slowly begin to expire. In İkizdere, there are those who believe the dams will mean more employment, and then, there are those who are determined to resist this brutal intervention to their lives. Aware of what happened in Şenöz and İkizdere, people in Çağlayan begin a determined campaign against the state and its corporations. This film follows a few brave people who decide to struggle not only for their own sakes, but also for generations to come over the course of 3 years. We met Rüya Arzu Köksal with her film An Argonaut in Ordu, which was screened at !f 2010. Once again she delivers a profound wake up call, one that derives its power from these locals who courageously and determinedly fight for their own.

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